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Server 5

Fireproof and waterproof IT environment in a box, the Server 5 protects your valuable business data from flood and fire.


As a business grows, it becomes more and more important for a reliable and thoughtful disaster recovery plan to be implemented. It’s critical that the data generated by the business, which represents money, time, and work, is protected in order to ensure business continuity.


The Server 5 is the ultimate disaster recovery and business continuity server for businesses. Enterprise-class and powerful, the Sever 5 can be configured with either Windows Server or Linux, giving your business the flexibility it requires. And with 5 drive bays, the Server 5 can be deployed with a whopping 80TB capacity.


  • Fireproof/waterproof protection for IT environments
  • Optional floor mount and padlock kit available
  • Runs either Windows Server or Linux
  • Data Recovery Service available


Features of Server 5



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