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Data backup meet your new best friend. With two redundant hard drives and ioSafe’s fireproof and waterproof technology, the Duo is the simplest and most affordable way to fully protect your data.


The ioSafe Duo is a fireproof and waterproof external storage device that protects your personal or business data from home or office fires, damaged plumbing, leaking HVAC systems, or the fire department’s hose. The Duo has two hard drives installed, making two copies of your backed up data simultaneously and eliminating the risk of data loss from drive failure. A disaster ready and on-premises solution, the Duo is the most affordable way to recover your business quickly in the wake of a catastrophic event.


Effortlessly—and simultaneously—create two copies of your data, with our all-new ioSafe Duo. The Duo is blazingly fast and protects your critical work from disaster, whether natural or man-made.

Disaster & Security Specifications

Fire Protection

Up to 1550° F, 30 minutes per ASTM E-119

Water Protection

IP68: Fully submersed, fresh or salt water, 10 foot depth, 72 hours

Theft Protection

Metal Kensington Lock Slot, optional 2-Bay Floor Mount Kit


Features of DUO



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